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Adventures From The Road


Well It is time we set out on the open road.  For the past 30 years I have lived the good life driving our nations highways hauling everything from dog food to steel pipe.  If it could fit inside or on a truck I’m sure I hauled it.  I have been to all 48 of the lower states and covered most of the major highways In the west.   Im sure most people would retire and never drive again, but not us.  I have passed so many great places, but didn’t or couldn’t stop to visit.  So starting in October of 2016 we are on our way.

Barbara is an artist. She is an awesome oil painter and while we did the snowbird thing in Quartzsite AZ, She learned everything she could about cutting rock and making wire wrapped jewelry. For the past few years she was making Cut and curl candles and had her own candle making business. She plans to continue with her art and as we travel learn new and interesting things


Michael,  besides being a professional truck driver for 30 years, Is into photography.  Also interested in Archaeology and Anthropology, and U.S. History. As we travel across the United States and Canada we plan to visit and learn. Over the years we have traveled to many places but never had the time to really see what was there.  We now have the time.

“Jazzman the wonder dog”  Jazzman was born in Arizona 10 years ago and has now moved back.  All we can say about her is she is Awesome!!!

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