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Finished the Kitchen!!!

July 6, 2017 Posts 0

 This is what the kitchen looked like when we started.

We have been living with this very small RV kitchen for 10 years.  Most of the smaller class A motorhomes came with this type of kitchen.  I think that was because it was never deigned for full time living.  With most of the projects we do the motivation came from my wife.  She reached a point where we either got a bigger motorhome or we did some serious remodeling. This project started out with just making the kitchen bigger.  It was not until we finished and decided that we had to put something around the microwave that we found the trim.

This is how the kitchen was supposed to end up.

I felt I was done with this project and was ready to move on to the next one, but again Barbara had other ideas.  We made a quick trip to the Home Depot for some tile and a small bit of trim.  What we ended up getting was tile and lots of trim. In fact I think this new trim is going everywhere we can put it.


We have a few more pieces of trim to add to the front room using this same pattern and then I think I will be done.  As I say this my wife just informed me that the bedroom sure could use a good remodel.  I guess my next project awaits.  Thank you, Michael and Barbara Anderson.

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