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Spiders and Snakes, Summer comes to an end.

September 29, 2017 Posts 0

We had an awesome summer hanging out in Flagstaff.  The weather was almost perfect and we found some great camping areas.  If you are looking for a boondocking place for the Arizona Summer this is it.  You can find several great areas all within a short five or so miles from town.  Both of the Giant gas stations have FREE dump stations.  We also found a place where you can buy water for Ten Cents a gallon,   The store is just down the hill from Marshall lake.

We then headed from Flagstaff down to the Tucson area.  Our kids live in the Sahuarita and they were expecting twins.   We got down a few days before they were born and camped in their driveway.  The weather was still very warm but we were plugged in and could run our A/C.  

Turned out a Boy and a Girl.

We are now hanging out in an RV park south on I19 in Amado Arizona.  Nice older park price is around 300 for a month plus electric.  The temperature stated to drop into the upper 80s and low 90s.  We decided to start walking down here because the weather had cooled down.  Our first outing we never really found a good place to walk, but on the next day we found a forest road that we could pull off and walk down the power line.  We were having a grand time until the dog decided to get into the Cholla cactus.

We got most of it off her but she still had a few thorns.  This is, I think, the worst of the cactus. She was of course not very happy with us.  On the way back she also found this little guys.

It was as big as my hand.  I was going to put my hand down there to show that fact but thought better of it.  I’m sure it wouldn’t have bothered me but you never know.  We continued out of that area and headed home.  We wanted to get Jazzman home so we could deal with her injuries.  As we drove along the road Barbara hollered for me to stop.  I wasn’t sure what for then she showed me the snake.  Well I really really do not like snakes and was not sure I wanted to stop.  She insisted so we backed up a ways and drove up to the snake.  It was just laying there enjoying the sun and really wasn’t interested in having its picture taken.  I decided that staying in the car and maneuvering in a position so I could take the picture from the window was the best move.  I got all ready to take the photo when the car quite.  Now this has never happened before so I was a bit surprised.  This meant I would have to open the hood and step out.  well as you can see there was not much room between me and the snake.


Barbara stood lookout while I was brave and tapped on the battery terminal until the car would start.  She did try to toss a rock or two to make it leave, but that didn’t do anything.  I finally got the hood shut and got back in.  It was at that moment the snake crawled, no slithered off.  We are going to rethink our walks at this time.  Maybe find a place with less wildlife.

We are really enjoying our time here in Sahaurita.  Spending time with the grandkids but we are looking forward to winter.  We will be heading over near Quartzsite and Ehrenberg Arizona.  Should be a great winter.

Thank you all

Mike and Barbara

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