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Walnut Canyon

June 1, 2017 Hidden Gems 0

Sitting at our campsite near Walnut Canyon National Monument, we decided it was time to explore the area around us. Donning our gear we headed up the main road.  About a quarter of a mile we turned off on a back forest road.  At first glance, this road looked like it just went back to a camping area.  There were 2 RVs parked back among the trees.  This area has some really great Boondock camping.  We kept walking and soon realized that the road continued on.  As we walked it was soon clear just how beautiful this area was.  We were about 3 miles from the Walnut Canyon National Monument entrance.  This road goes back to the canyon but in an area that few tourists would find.

The road is about a mile and a half back.  It is mostly level ground with just a few small uphill sections.  We decided that if need be you could drive a car down this road.  This is a walk that almost anyone could do.  As you walk along this road you expect to come across deer and elk.  Signs that they are around are everywhere.  We did see Rabbits, Birds, and many signs of deer.  Like most areas around Flagstaff, you can see the San Francisco Peaks.

As you near the canyon area the trees turn from Pinyon Pine and Juniper to Ponderosa Pine.  They are much bigger and dwarf everything around them.  With all northern Arizona landscape, you can just take off walking in any direction.  There is no underbrush so you can go anywhere you want.

We found this area using  This is another 14-day free spot.  It is about 6 or 7 miles back to Flagstaff where you have all the services you need.  This is going into our list of great places to spend the summer.  As we travel around Arizona we are starting to realize that there is so much more to this state than the desert.  We really do enjoy visiting the Sonoran Desert and plan to spend this next winter there.  The northern areas have some of the largest Ponderosa Pine forests there are.  Dotted among the forests are lakes and streams.  Some of the best fishing, hiking, and camping you can find anywhere.  When most people think of Arizona this forested area never comes to mind.  With a little exploring, we plan to dig out the hidden gems.  Thank you for joining us.  Mike Barbara and Jazzman.

Our Campsite, Walnut Canyon National Monument

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